Frequently Asked Questions

Mud Runs in Florida

Have you done mud runs in Florida? Then you know to bring your photo ID and registration confirmation. You need them to pick up your registration packet. If you want to avoid a long line like the marine run, bring an initialed, signed and dated participation waiver. Wear sturdy running shoes. Wear quick-drying clothes. Cotton weighs a ton when wet. You’ll want a towel and a change of clothes, including (we hope) undies to wear to the big bash after the mud race. We’ll provide the paramedics, water stations and showers.

Nope -- No pets. No food. No alcohol. Bring a bit of cash for food, drink and goodies during the mud run. Arrive an hour before your wave starts -- see your wave’s race time on you confirmation. Oh, bring gawkers if you want. And by the way, we’re on, rain or shine.

Event Day

What Kind of shoe should I wear?

Since you will be getting muddy and wet, we highly recommend a solid running shoe or if you a blessed enough to own a pair of Five Fingers, wear them!

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What should I wear?

You will be muddy and wet when you finish so wear something that you don’t mind getting muddy. Quick drying cloths work the best. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, towel and maybe a garbage bag to protect your seats.

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What time does the event start?

Upon registration you will be able to select which wave you would prefer to participate in, and will receive a confirmation email once the registration is complete. You will want to be at least one hour before your wave start.

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What if I can’t make packet pick up?

You can pick it up the day of the race.  Just arrive 1 hour earlier then your wave time.

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What is packet pick-up?

Packet pick-up is where all participants must "check in" and pick up their packet. You should be at the race site about an hour before your wave goes off to allow plenty of time. Your packet includes your timing chip, t-shirt, wristband, race and sponsor information. Your photo ID is required at packet pick-up.

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What is the kid’s Swamp Mud Waller?

This is our way of allowing the kids to have fun just like their moms and dads. Kids will be able to do a mini obstacle course designed especially for  the little one. They will get muddy so remember to pack a change of clothes for them too.

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What should I bring?
  • Your photo ID (required to pick up your packet)

  • Clean underwear

  • An initialed, signed and dated copy the participant waiver. This is optional but if you don’t want to wait too long in packet pick we suggest you have it with you. Click here to download.

  • Spare change for food, drinks and parking.

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Can I bring my own food and alcohol?

You are not allowed to bring your own food or alcohol on-site.

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How will my finishing time be recorded?

We will be using a timing system to record everyone’s time.

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Is there a time limit?

Yes, you must cross the finish line by dark.

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What if I get sick or injured?

There will be paramedics and/or EMS at all events. It is the participants responsibility to notify a course official.

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Can I bring my pet to the Swamp Dash?

As much as we love animals, unfortunately we are not allowed to have them at our events due to liability and health reasons.

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Will the event be canceled if there is bad weather?

We will hold the Swamp Dash rain or shine. However, if there is severe weather that would put participants in danger we will cancel or delay the dash.

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How do I get clean from the mud?

We will have outdoor showers to clean you up.

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What do I do when I arrive on the day of Mud Run?

Pick up your packet at packet pick up. Do a little stretching and have the most insane day of your life!

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Are there any water Stations?

Yes there will be plenty of hydration stops.

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Do I have to know how to swim in order to participate?

No, although it is recommended. There might be areas on the course that require you to swim but there will be lifeguards in those areas. There will also be alternate routes for those who do not want to swim.

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Can my friends and family come out to watch?

Absolutely! At the Swamp Dash our spectators will actually assist with some of the obstacles. We will have vendors on site for food, drink and other merchandise.

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How do I train for the Swamp Dash?

First, you have to get off of the couch and get your ass moving. We recommend finding a local CrossFit affiliate or a gym that offers “boot camp” style workouts. Obstacle runs require you to run a fairly short distance then use your strength to muscle over the obstacle then run again.

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Will the results be posted online?

Yes the results will be posted at!

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Do participants really get a free beer?

Yes participants 21 and older will receive a free beer upon completion. You must have your wristband (will receive at packet pick-up) on and you must show ID. No ID and wristband, NO BEER…

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Is there an awards ceremony?

Yes, there will be an awards ceremony for all competitive divisions. You must be present to receive your trophy though.

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Do I have to pay extra for the post party?

No, it’s on us! Enjoy!

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Will there be food?

Yes there will be plenty of food and drinks for sale.

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How do I learn more about volunteering?

Volunteers are what make our dash successful. We need about 150 volunteers to help at each dash. As a volunteer you will get free food, a t-shirt and a very sore belly from laughing. For more info click here.

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How do I reach Customer Service?

Customer Service can be reached by sending an email to

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Can I register by mail or phone?

No. You must register for all events online.

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How much does it cost?

The earlier you register, the cheaper your ticket.

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If I sign up but can’t participate, can I give my registration to someone else?

No. Swamp Dash registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable. The person who signs up must be the same one who participates.

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Who can participate in the Mud Run?

Every dash will be different depending on the course. Please check the location page you want to register for to see the required age limit.

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I’m injured and can’t run, can I get a refund?

It is impossible for us to assess each injury on a case by case basis and therefore do not offer refunds when participants are injured and cannot participate.

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What is the minimum age to participate?

Please see specific location sites for age requirements.

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Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes. During the online registration process you will be asked to sign a waiver and at packet pick up.

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What is included in the entry fee?

One bad ass tee shirt, a free beer, Swamp Dash medal and dirty underwear!

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What is the difference between “Just to get muddy” and “Gettin’ muddy to win”?
  • The “Just to get muddy” is for fun. The only requirement is for you to get ridiculously muddy and raise a lot of money for the cause. You can register as an individual or team. There is no minimum amount of people per team.

  • The “Gettin’ muddy to win” is our competitive division. You will be competing for luxurious prices worth millions of dollars! Not really but there will be very unique trophies for the top finishes in specific divisions. You may register as an individual or a team. Teams must have a minimum of three members and must finish within thirty seconds of one another. So if you register as a team of five and not all  five of you cross the finish line within thirty seconds of each other, the team time will not count.

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